Imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, curious yet never squandering opportunities – I have had my hand in all forms of engineering for the past couple of decades with a penchant for reliability and security.
The decade prior, I served in the Australian Regular Army after completing my Bachelor of Information Systems (Honours) and retiring at the rank of Captain.
In 2013 I founded Flood IO; a distributed performance testing platform that was acquired by Tricentis in 2017 where I enjoyed scaling the product, business and team. 
I have since continued to follow my interests in performance, security and decentralized finance. 
Highlights of my military career include crashing out of helicopter school before moving on to supervise the third largest communications network in Australia supporting military operations globally.
I have proven operational experience in the military, government, telecommunications and financial industries. I have solid growth stage experience in education, software testing and healthcare startups.
I have managed team sizes of up to 30 people but prefer working in smaller units. I lead by example.
I am great at designing, building and operating distributed backend systems. I have a long history of hard-won experience in performance, security and reliability and provide calm during the storm.
I have a history of stitching technology together in novel ways with favourable business outcomes. 
​​​​​​​Most of all, I love automating things. 

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