Imaginative yet decisive, ambitious yet private, curious yet never squandering opportunities – I have had my hand in all forms of software engineering for the past 15 years with a strong focus on performance, security, operations and open source.
The decade prior, I served in the Australian Regular Army finishing at the rank of Captain at the hub of the third largest communications network in Australia, providing network support for military operations globally.
In 2013 I founded Flood IO; a distributed load testing platform that has helped over 25,000 customers execute load tests at scale. In 2017 Flood IO was acquired by Tricentis where I enjoyed learning how to scale the product, business and team. In 2020 I have continued to follow my interests in information security.
I've been using Ruby on Rails since 2008 and still love using Ruby. I've built some handy gems related to performance testing with Ruby such as Ruby-JMeter and Watir-WebDriver-Performance. I blog about security under the alias @correkthorse
I love designing, building and maintaining backend systems. From databases to application servers, caching to DNS, I have a long history of working in this space with a focus on performance, security and operations. I've seen and used my fair share of infrastructure as code tools. Likewise, with CI/CD tools. I'm pretty sure I've used every performance tool out there.
I provide calm during an outage and have loads of experience building stable and resilient systems in the cloud. I have used many AWS products at scale with Flood including R53, EC2, SNS, SQS, ECS, RDS, and Elasticache since 2011. I have also built distributed systems on other cloud providers including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. I’m pretty handy at scaling databases and like working with Postgres. I love orchestrating and automating things in the cloud.
In addition to my experience, I bring to the table:
•    Excellent communication skills
•    Independent and original thought
•    Leadership by example
•    Conversion of abstract ideas into reality
•    Unwavering passion and persistence
•    Linking technology to business outcomes

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